Thank you all!


We would like to thank everyone who made the career day Hybrid a success!

Are you interested in being a part of the next career day? Get in touch with;
The Social Sciences Student Union:
The Humanities and Theology Student Union:

/ Project Managers for the Career Day Hybrid

The Career Day Hybrid 2013


You are all welcome to the AF-castle! The fair is open from 11:00-15:00 in the Great hall, 2nd floor.
News for this year is CV reviewing, CV photographer, drop in career counseling and study counseling.
Find out more about our exhibators, lectures and workshops under “exhibators & lectures”
The workshops can be held in english if requested but the slots are limited so be there on time!
Looking forward to be seeing you all there!

/The crew of the career day Hybrid

Work on the Career Fair Hybrid?


Do you want to be one of our “workers” during the Career Fair?

Then click here and find out more of what we need help with and how you sign up!

Hybrid 2013 Weekly Update (w.3)


Hello Best Students!
We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday break and that you are looking forward to the new semester. We at Hybrid have now kicked-off our work for the Spring semester. The last few weeks we have been up to this:

- We have started planing the work-fair landscape and where seminars, workshops and lectures will be held.
- For more information on the above the next Hybrid Project Group meeting will be held on the 23rd of January 3pm at Café Athen at the AF-borgen.
- Planing the staffing and their assignments during the fair.
- We have now 19 confirmed exhibitors!
- The web-page is being updated so that the list of exhibitors is correct.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Hybrid_Lund & #Hybrid2013) and click ‘like’ on Facebook.

We wish you great semester start!
Hybrid 2013 PR Group

Hybrid 2013 Weekly Update (w.51)


Hello Best Students!
Here comes the last weekly update for Hybrid for this year, next update will be in mid January. The last week we have been up to this:

- We continue with call sessions and the last one was in HTS.
- The event group is planing the Hybird mingle.
- Miljöbro have signed on for coming.
- To read information about the current exhibitor:

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Hybrid_Lund & #Hybrid2013) and click ‘like’ on Facebook.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year!
Hybrid 2013 PR Group

Hybrid 2013 Weekly Update (w.49)


Hello Best Students!

Here comes the latest weekly update for Hybrid. Of course you don’t want to miss what is happening!

- On Wednesday (5/12) we had another cozy and active Call Party over at HTS.

- Four exhibitors have signed on to come to Hybrid 2013:

  • Oxford Research
  • VentureLab
  • Adecco
  • Region Skåne

For more information:

- Next Hybrid Project Group meeting is on Wednesday at 12 at Samvetet. You know you want to be there!

More is to come, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Hybrid_Lund & #Hybrid2013) and like us on Facebook.

Until next time!
Hybrid 2013 PR Group

One more Call Party


Now we are preparing for one more day of hunting exhibitors – it’s going to be one more party the 5th of December at HTS.

The Project Group are going to follow up last week’s success with another Call Party. This time we are going to meet up at HTS (at SOL) at 12.00 to continue the hunt of exhibitors.

Are you or someone you know interested in helping out? Join the Party or contact one of our Project Managers!

Hybrid 2013 Weekly Update (w.48)


Hello dear Students!

This last week we have been up to many things that will hopefully lead to the best possible Hybrid ever.

- The PR group within the general Project Group has had a meeting on Tuesday to plan marketing strategies.
- We have had two Call Parties on Tuesday and Wednesday with a lot of good snacks and calling of exhibitors to have them show up for Hybrid.
- Next Hybrid Project Group meeting is tomorrow over at HTS union office at 17:00. So don’t miss it if you are interested in our work or want to get active.

More is to come, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Until next time!
Hybrid 2013 PR Group

A call party – do you want to join?


Today and tomorrow the Project Group will arrange a campaign for finding more future employers and exhibitors. Are you one of those how are longing to be a part of and try the Hybrid experience? Then you are more than welcome.

Today and tomorrow (27th and 28th of November) our Hybrid Project Group and other wonderful actives will get together for two Call Parties to make a push to fulfill your wishes and convince the companies and organisations your have expressed interests in to come to the Hybrid Work Fair. The list is long and there are many exciting companies that are waiting for a call from us. Do you want to be a part of making our work-life connection even better? Then you are more then well come to Samvetet today after lunch and/or tomorrow at 10.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact our Project Managers.

Which exhibitors do you want to Hybrid 2013?


Hybrid 2013 is fast approaching and it is now only 126 days left. Therefore, we now need your help!

The Career Fair Hybrid is there for your sake and to help you out in the “grown up life”. Therefore, we want to know who you want to meet on Hybrid 2013? We want all you wishes – whether it is specific or non-specific preferences – the important thing is that you will be satisfied with Hybrid 2013!

Email your suggestions to one of our Project Manager Kristin or Karin.

Exhibitors to Hybrid 2013


The project group has started the search for interesting organizations to be exhibators at Hybrid 2013. Have you got any ideas or interested in being one of our exhibitors you are welcome use our sign up page, “exhibitors, click me!” or contact us by phone or email, more details on “contact”.

Twitter & Facebook


Do NOT miss to follow us on twitter @HybridLund or by the hashtag#Hybrid2013 and like us on facebook! You can follow the progress, find more ongoing information and get tips.

Hybrid 2013

The work with Hybrid 2013 has begun! More info will be available soon!

Winners in competition


The competition is now determined and we want to thank everyone who participated and who filled out the evaluations!

The winners are:
1. Lira Karamehic, iPad
2. Johanna Wadstein, gift card at Mat och Destillat
3. Justin Chan, two movietickets


See you at Hybrid next year!

A lovely day


Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.

Win an iPad 2!


Take the chance to win an iPad 2, dinner at a restaurant or movie tickets. How do you win? Visit Hybrid and Stora salen at the AF-castle the 7th of March, 12-16, to find out!
Membership in HTS or the Social Sciences Student Union is a requirement.

(Svenska) Svenskt Näringsliv till Hybrid


Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.

(Svenska) Allan Larsson till Hybrid


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Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.

Region Skåne to Hybrid


We are happy to welcome Region Skåne to Hybrid 2012. Region Skåne is one of Sweden’s largest employers and organizations, which contains multiple professions. Region Skåne is also looking for student co-workers. It is a perfect way for you to combine your theoretical education with practical work. For more information about Region Skåne please see “Lectures and Exhibitors” in the left menu.

Vill ni vara utställare på Hybrid 2012?


Det är inte försent att anmäla sig som utställare till Hybrid 2012! Kom och möt framtidens kompetens inom humaniora, teologi och samhällsvetenskap under en fullspäckad dag i AF-borgens Stora sal.

arbeta med hybrid?


Vill du vara med och arrangera Hybrid 2012? Vi vill jätte gärna ha ännu fler idéer och kunskaper till vår arbetsgrupp. Så om du är det minsta intresserad, tveka inte att höra av dig. Arbetet med Hybrid är både intressant och mångfacetterat. Kontakt oss via för mer information!


Hybrid 2012 is almost here!


Soon it will be time for Hybrid! It will take place the 7th of March in Stora Salen at AF-borgen. Between 12-16 all students in the humanities, social sciences and theology are welcome to be inspired, talk with potential employers, listen to interesting lectures and have some coffee!

If you are interested in helping with Hybrid, both before with preparation but also during the day, please contact us at! All your ideas and involvement are more than welcome!

If your company or organization want to be and exhibitor at Hybrid 2012, please contact us at! For more information and to sign up, see the menu to the right for exhibitors.